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Fuel Fest made its return back in Los Angeles for the 2023 Show Season. In what was expected to be a massive automotive festival turnout through online ticket sales & registrations, the post-covid aftermath for attending events gave enthusiasts the itch to come out and gather for an unforgettable experience at the Irwindale Speedway.

A record breaking SOLD OUT attendance of 15,000 gathered for this year’s Fuel Fest Los Angeles making it the biggest Domestic Show produced by Cody Walker and the FF Team at Irwindale Speedway. Fuel Fest Japan broke the international record with over 40,000 attendees gathered at the Fuji International Speedway making it known that the Fuel Fest Global Tour is definitely fueling the fire as the largest automotive festival in the world. Throtl headlined as this year’s Title Sponsor for Fuel Fest LA showcasing their grand car culture activation featuring several of their amazing builds alongside with Throtl Merch and featured products on display.


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Proceeds from Fuel Fest are donated to Paul Walker’s Charity Organization Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) under the leadership of his younger brother Cody Walker hosting the festivities alongside with longtime friend Tyrese. 

With Fast X making its release this summer, fans of the Fast and Furious franchise made their way out to hopefully get a glimpse of surprise guest appearances and meet & greets from the cast.

Shawn Algazy and Team FnF brought out their lineup of Fast & Furious movie cars paying homage to the franchise attracting fans & enthusiasts taking pictures. Our Firm400 Pop-Up activation was right across from the amazing lineup with our continued joint collaboration with Musartwork featuring new merch drops, featured popular custom air fresheners from Dafski, Gumbie’s Hobbies featured Collectibles, as well as JDM Sport products & accessories. This year’s Firm400 collaboration included Fujinami Models where attendees were able to meet & greet with the ladies and take pictures making the Firm400 Pop-Up Activation a fun & memorable experience during this year’s Fuel Fest LA.


Cool Amazing Collections had their activation on deck with an amazing display of automotive art pieces.


Taste of Tokyo 2023 Sponsor Fortis Auto Group ( @fortisauto ) featured several builds with their lineup under the grand stands at the House of Drift.


Model / Cosplayer / Gamergirl / YouTuber TRUCICI ( @Trucici ) Was Model Director For Fujinami Models at this year’s Fuel Fest LA where she published her latest YouTube Vlog about her wonderful experience at the Sold Out event. Thanks John Fujinami for having us do this collaboration with Fujinami Models!!


Thank you Cici for doing an amazing job as Model Director and Thank You to all of the ladies ( Lydia @1shadowbabe1 / Phi @phitu_ / Nana @nanathiemi / Nini @yin.niinii / Chris @chris.mc.2jz / Bri @_4chancookie / Barbie @varvinavette ) AND JDM Sport Vixen Maryna ( @thatgirlmaryna ) for putting in work at our activation making it fun and enjoyable for everyone! The Firm400 Activation in collaboration with Fujinami Models was so busy!!


Checkout Cici’s YouTube Vlog at Fuel Fest LA and make sure to Subscribe to support her channel!!



Our good friend MUSA ( @musartwork ) made his appearance at Fuel Fest LA gifting his custom artwork pieces to Cody Walker & Michael Diaz from the Fuel Fest Fam as well as Sean Lee from Purist Group.


Industry veteran Brian Garin from Infinite Auto Design ( @infiniteautodesign )( https://iadbuilds.com ) brought out their all carbon fiber built Chevy Corvette ( designed by MUSA ) that was featured at last year’s SEMA Show as well as IAD’s Jeep Gladiator Offroad Beast featured at the Firm400 Activation during Fuel Fest LA. Thank You Brian for always supporting us! Also big shoutout and thanks to our good friend Ian for featuring your classic Corolla build and always helping us and contributing content!! 


The motorsports showcase in the oval at Irwindale had drift ride alongs from several Formula Drift pro drivers including Jeff Jones, Rome Charpentier, and Matt Field to name a few. Fuel Fest outdid themselves once again bringing out Monster Trucks and offroad vehicles to the Los Angeles tour stop giving attendees that Auto Enthusiasts Day type of vibe. 


Overall, Fuel Fest Los Angeles 2023 was definitely a vibe, an unforgettable one filled with wonderful memories and moments. We would like to thank Michael Diaz for always taking care of us. Much love to Cody Walker & The Fuel Fest Family!! 


Special Thanks: 

Huge thanks John Fujinami ( @johnfujinami ) & Ty Fujinami ( @h2o_fujinami ) for all the help with and amazing work for our collaboration!! Big shoutouts to our Firm400 Media Team putting in work that day!! If it weren’t for you guys capturing those visuals these memories wouldn’t have been possible!! Also big thanks to our good friends Ramiro @Gumbies_Hobbies and Ray @Alwayzpackin for always helping us in whatever way possible! We appreciate you all!!


Thanks Firm400 Media Team Contributors @ Fuel Fest LA:

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Shaun @canti.us - (Photos & Video)

Rhyan @visionquestplur - (Photos)

Rem @rem_ritrato - (Photos)

Ian @ian_ae71 - (Photos)



Thank You TEAM / ATTENDEES & SUPPORTERS For Making Fuel Fest Los Angeles 2023 A SUCCESS!! 


Fore More Event Info On The Fuel Fest Global Tour Visit Fuel Fest Online:  https://www.FuelFest.com

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