Written By: Claim Ho | Photos By: Richard Dizon

Huntington Beach CA - Our Firm400 Media attended The Pacific Airshow on October 1-2, 2022 that took place on the shores of Huntington Beach. Some of the world's best aviators took flight into the skies off the coast showcasing some of the world's most amazing aviation engineering and piloting skills.

"Pacific Airshow® is not just an Airshow. It’s a spectacle-scale family-friendly event that merges awe-inspiring feats of aviation with patriotism, the enticing thrill of sports, entertainment, art, technology and more. It’s a truly unique experience!

Taking place over three days, the Airshow has become the largest Airshow by attendance in the United States delivering an action-packed lineup of events featuring the worlds best aviators in the air by day and your favorite music artists on the ground by night with the addition of the Afterburner Music Festival.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Pacific Airshow is now the only Airshow in the world with two editions - taking place each year at Southern California’s most iconic beachfront destination, Huntington Beach, California, USA and Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

It’s not just an Airshow, it’s now a global experience." via https://pacificairshowusa.com

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