Written By: Claim Ho | Featured Photos By: Chris Brody

Video Credits: Chris Brody / Claim Ho

Video Edited By: Lee Ho & Claim Ho

The Origins Los Angeles Festival Closed Out The Season With A Bang In 2023 Bringing The West Coast Car Culture Together Once Again At The Irwindale Speedway. Chris Calderon and his Origins Team Curated An Exhibition Of The SoCal Lifestyle, Live Entertainment w/ DJs, Music Artists, Models and B-Boys, Drifting Culture, Industry Exhibitors, and Diverse Builds From The West Coast Including Lowriders, Bikes, Trucks, American Muscle Cars, JDM/Import Tuner Builds, and High End Super Cars All Gathered To The Origins Season Closer At Irwindale Speedway Throughout The Evening.

Thank you Chris Calderon for curating the setting for Firm400 to capture the West Coast Car Culture and sharing it on social media!! We can't wait to see what's in store for 2024!! We hope you enjoy this video recap we put together from Origins Los Angeles 2023!! Thanks for having us!!

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