The ReDebut of the “ Pistachio FD “ from @gooichimotors made its presence known at the @ToyoTires Treadpass during The SEMA Show this past week. The Mercedes M120 High Compression V12 Engine from Gooichi Motors is something you normally don’t see in a motor swap for the Mazda RX-7 platform. Alongside with the worldwide debut of the LTO Widebody Kit from @the_kyza makes this FD a showstopper; being one of the trending Mazda RX-7 builds during SEMA Week. The legendary Mazda RX-7 FD is widely known & recognized as the rotary engine powered / rear-wheel drive Japanese sports car. To rotary enthusiasts, motor swaps are blasphemous. But to others, it’s an amazing work of art. And as they say, to each their own. Traditional LS Swaps, 2JZ, and even K Swaps have been achieved in the past for successful motor swaps by FD builders. However Sam Morris and his team over at Gooichi Motors achieved the Zonda M120 V12 motor swap into the RX7 by developing custom parts & components all from scratch. In 2023, the Gooichi FD plans to kill tires at the track appearing at various motorsports events and car shows in south east Florida. Keep an eye out as the team plans to have this Widebody FD build make appearances hopefully at PRI, and Import Alliance to name a few. We look forward to seeing Sam & his team at Gooichi Motors make headlines with their Pistachio FD next year! Thank you for sharing with us your build at this year’s SEMA Show!!

Byline Credits: Interview & Written By: Claim Ho

Video Credits: Lee Ho / Claim Ho

Video Edited By: Lee Ho

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