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Known as the “Tsurikawa” in Japan or “Hang Ring” / these hand straps were widely used in public transportation on trains or buses for people to hold on to while standing up. 

Members of the Bosozoku street gangs would remove the Tsurikawas from their local transit systems only to drag the hang rings from the rear bumpers of their vehicles as a sign of rebellion & freedom of expression. 

And now in today’s car culture Tsurikawas are a popular accessory amongst Japanese automotive enthusiasts. The classic circle handle strap can be upgraded with different shaped style handles and leather/nylon straps including the heart shape style featured in this listing as well as broken heart, heart with devil horns, star & moon shaped designs, as well as glow in the dark & LED custom handles to name a few. 

Featured now in our Firm400 Collection are these heart shaped Tsurikawa handle straps. 

Featured Tsurikawa: 

Red Heart Tsurikawa Handle Strap

(Black Nylon Handle Strap)

Available Colors:

White / Black / Red / Blue / Purple / Pink


- Can be installed on the vehicle's front and rear bumpers

- OR can be installed inside vehicle used as a hand-pull ring