D1S / D1R / D1C 6000K Xenon HID Lights Headlight Bulbs

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Bulb Application: D1S / D1R / D1C 6000K HID Lights Headlight Bulbs

Direct Plug & Play. 

Lighting Specification:

HID Plug Type: D1S / D1R / D1C

Power: 70W / Set (35W / Bulb)

Luminous Flux: 8000lm / Set (4000lm / Bulb)

Operating Voltage: 12V

Color Temperature: Bright White 6000K

IP68 Rated Water Proof Design Construction Material

Up To 5000 Service Hours

Material: Metal / Glass / Plastic / Metal Stent Base / Anti-UV Quartz Glass / Xenon Gas

*All Lighting Products Are Tested For Quality Assurance* 

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