Treefrog Squash Gel Can Car Air Freshener TR21S

Treefrog Squash Gel Can Car Air Freshener TR21S

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1 Tree Frog Can Squash Scent Air Freshener

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Tree Frog - Squash Car Air Freshener 

One of the most popular and desired air freshener scent among car enthusiasts! 


Tree frog natural air freshener - squash scent. Japan supreme quality gel-based air freshener. Freshens and deodorizes with natural fragrances in any room! 

Premium quality gel air freshener

Most natural smelling other freshener brands

Absorbs odors freshens air w natural fragrances

Ideal for under seat / cup holder in your Car / RV, refreshing scent that lasts 4-5 weeks

Fragrance formulated in Japan by Sakura 



UPC # 4-800100-78083-5